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Video Gallery

    Click on the videos below to get more information and hear from the real people of Stevens Square, the best of Maine’s 55 Plus Communities.

    55 Plus Communities and Storytelling Videos

    55 Plus Communities are about people. Stevens Square at Baxter Woods has attracted interesting people from across the country.

    So if you are exploring Stevens Square, why should you consider watching all of our current and future video stories?

    Because of the “FOUR E’s” of Video:

    Video is ENGAGING

    Video is a great way to tell stories. Our brains are hardwired to engage in storytelling. Neuroscience proves it.

    Video is EMOTIONAL

    Seeing real people on camera can stimulate different emotions that the written word cannot. It is the best opportunity to connect emotionally.

    Watch our videos to connect with these real people.

    Stevens Square community members Terri & Fred from Illinois and Elizabeth and Larry from Maine meet for the first time (see videos)

    Video is EDUCATIONAL

    Our brains process visual information faster than text. We store visuals in long-term memory and text in short-term memory

    95% of the message is retained from a video compared to 10% from text.

    The infographics in our videos will help you gather and retain the information you are looking for faster.

    Video is EMPATHETIC

    Video gives the ability to establish greater empathy by having real people talking in authentic genuine ways.

    Watch our videos. These are genuine stories of people with whom you can empathize.

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