Bogushas Polish Restaurant | Near Stevens Square in Portland, Maine

The Best Cheap Eats Portland, Maine. Stevens Square at Baxter Woods Offers Budget Friendly Authentic Dining Just Steps Away

The Best Cheap Eats in Portland, Maine

Some of the best cheap eats in Portland, Maine can be found within walking distance of Stevens Square at Baxter Woods. Today we highlight three of these deliciously interesting spots along with maps and directions.

Portland is a foodie city. In fact, Bon Appetit Magazine named Portland its City of the Year for 2018.  There are a wealth of choices. But there’s only one place you can live in a 55+ Active Adult community and simply walk to some of the best.

At the Heart of Portland, Maine

Stevens Square is perfectly located. It’s outside the hustle and bustle of downtown, just two miles away in the more peaceful Deering Center neighborhood.

Portland, Maine map of interest | Deering Center | Baxter Woods | Over 55 Communities

But the relative serenity of Deering Center belies a host of cultural, educational, dining, and service businesses within easy walking distance of Stevens Square. There are restaurants, coffee shops, a library, a college, and much more well within a mile radius.

This location is unique among master planned 55+ Active Adult communities nationwide. Generally, these communities have been placed in low-amenity suburbs.

“Walkability” is Good For You

A recent article in The Atlantic cites a new study that shows that living near community-oriented public and commercial spaces brings a host of social benefits, such as increased trust, decreased loneliness, and a stronger sense of attachment to where we live.

A Sense of Community Within and Nearby

In addition to the benefits of “walkability,” Stevens Square at Baxter Woods provides its own special, growing sense of community within. To gather much more info and hear about building community from future Stevens Square homeowners, you can click on the picture below to view our video gallery.

Too Many Cuisines to Count

From your Stevens Square home, you’ll be able to take a pleasant stroll to a veritable smorgasbord of cuisines. Well within a mile you’ll find American diners and cafes, coffee shops, multiple Thai and Vietnamese joints, pizza, barbecue, a Japanese place, a famed meat market, a seafood shop, and more.

Walk From Stevens Square for Polish, Venezuelan, and Middle Eastern Food, and Some of the Best Cheap Eats in Portland, Maine

Bogusha’s Polish Restaurant and Deli is as authentic as it gets. From the cozy interior, to the mannequin dressed in traditional Polish costume, to the handmade kielbasa, pierogi, bigos and golabki, it defines comfort.

Bogusha’s is not only some of the best cheap eats in Portland, Maine, it feels like you are being doted after by your grandmother. And just like grandma’s house, you can leave with plenty of leftovers and other treats.

From Stevens Square, take a right on Stevens Avenue, and pleasantly stroll down the wide sidewalks. You’ll pass the soon to be Stevens Square Community Center on your right.

You will pass the University of New England on your left and in approximately 11 minutes will arrive at the inviting all-in-one “Little Poland.” Here is a link to its website.

Arepas: The Best Cheap Eats in Portland, Maine from Venezuala

Vivian’s Hamburgers was located on the corner of Walton Street and First Avenue in Portland for decades. Many Portlanders mourned its demise a couple of years ago. That was until a new business opened there offering another scrumptious version of meat on a bun.

Luis’s Arepera and Grill is a no-frills place. But don’t let that fool you. The texture and flavor of their Arepas will hold up against any cuisine in town.

“There is nothing more quintessentially Venezuelan than the arepa. There are few sandwiches that achieve a similar height of complete satisfaction. We are confident that once you taste, you will agree,” says the owner.

We agree!

For those unfamiliar, an arepa is an ancient food made from ground maize dough. It originated in the northern region of South America in pre-Columbian times. Today it is a staple cuisine in Venezuela, traditionally filled with various meats, cheeses and avocados. Luis’s offers over a dozen varieties as well as Venezuelan empanadas.

To walk to Luis’s, you will start on the same route as for Bogusha’s. At the soon to be Stevens Square Community Center you’ll take a right and walk down Walton Street to the corner of Forest Avenue. The stroll to Luis’s is approximately 8 minutes from Stevens Square.

The Best Cheap Eats in Portland, Maine from across the Middle East

When Ahmed Abbas emigrated to the United States from Iraq, his dream was to start a business. His dream, came true with Ameera Bread Company.

The aroma and taste of their bread alone will keep you coming back. Ameera’s version of naan is baked continually and tossed into wooden racks to cool.

But Ameera is much more than bread.

Ahmed’s Own Words:

“Here at Ameera, we believe that food is more than just a meal to fill your stomach. Food is more about the joy it fills your heart and stomach with every delicious bite. It’s also about the tradition and culture behind every unique dish.

That’s why we serve the most Authentic Mediterranean dishes from all over the middle east. Each meal we serve at Ameera has its own personality that is brought from the culture behind what country it’s from. From the Turkish shawarma and the Egyptian falafel all the way to Isreali hummus and Greek gyro.

Ameera unites all of those countries with their most popular middle eastern meals and brings them all to you in one place here in Portland, Maine.

We carefully craft our dishes to show you the culture and authenticity behind each flavor.”

To get to Ameera, the best route is through Baxter Woods, directly “out your backdoor” when living at Stevens Square.

A Google map will send you on a more circuitous route, but the direct walk through the well maintained trails of the 30 acre Baxter Woods sanctuary will bring you straight to Forest Avenue. And you can commune with nature along the way.

Ameera is right across the street.



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